Ramblers Racing Team

These incredible humans listened to me bitch all season about the tires Ive had on the car for the year. And for no other reason than we all like eachother  enough to want to see eachother enjoy our passion to the fullest, they not only surprised the hell out of me tonight with a fresh set of my favorite tires, but they also got them mounted, ballanced and aligned.

I really can’t put into words how happy the Ramblers make me. All week I’ve been stressing about shit that’s gone wrong and having to get replacement parts for shit I fucked up over the season. A few things I didn’t even know I broke until I decided that replacing my FLCA and RTA bushings, and like anything with my car, everything turns into a way bigger project. 

I’m forever grateful for my team, but a special thank you belongs to my good friend Mikey. He spent this whole week busting his ass to finish my car in time to get it aligned with his car today with the new tires. He set aside tons time and effort that could and should have been dedicated to his car to make sure I have a good time this weekend. 

Spirits are mighty high coming into this Gridlife weekend. Peter is debuting his CRX, Mikey’s car is coming out with what feels like a truly strong motor, my car feels phenomenal with all these new bushings and a fresh alignment, and it is looking like the team is gonna be complete at some point this weekend.


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