For my entire “career” in car modding, I’ve always been super all about helping people on styling and modding. But lately I’ve been getting questions like, “How do I put writing on my tires?”, “Can you make me tire stencils?”, or “Should I do a kanjo scheme on my car?” The answer is no. The popularity of “Kanjo styling” is relatively new to the masses. It’s not for everyone, and as someone who’s been following it for years, I’m not going to be one to contribute to it being sold out. Kanjo culture it self is very exclusive, so for someone like me to have emulated it outside of Japan, even my attempt is unwarranted. I just don’t want to see more half assed, bullshit attempts at kanjo style. On instagram alone, there’s already a ton of evidence of folks trying to exploit the name kanjo as some trendy shit. For how lighthearted I am about cars, I take this shit seriously. I don’t want joe blow to just hop on the wagon and try his hand at being about that life. In Chicago, there are a lot of people that take kanjo styling and driving to heart. They are the people that used to run the highways here, and they are who got me hooked. In the rest of the world, I only know of about 6 people that have well executed kanjo style cars that I personally feel have done it right aside from me. Not saying I did it perfectly, there’s  still tons of stuff I need to do to make it ideally kanjo, but the exterior is pretty close in my opinion. 

I know it’s selfish of me to refuse to spread knowledge, but when it’s something I put work into myself and spent lots of time ensuring I executed it correctly, I’m not just going to just hand it out. Especially when the people asking me the questions are going to be doing these things to cars that I feel don’t “deserve” the look. I know that tire writing isn’t exclusively a Kanjo element or even a Honda thing, but when someone running a stretched tire setup, or someone that’s asking to put ADVAN on a non Yokohama Advan tire, or especially someone asking me to make a stencil that says some lame shit like “SPINNING” or “BATTLE READY” or “BATTLE SPEC” on some fuckin all seasons, I’m just obligated to say no. I definitely got help learning how to make tire stencils, and a lot of help understanding style and execution for my livery. But I’m the one that put my own time executing my style. Now, I’m all for liveries on street cars and shit, but if someone’s going to attempt it, there’s a lot more to it than just putting stickers on your car. Even though my livery is simple, I’ve gone over it’s layout over and over in my head and on the computer a bunch of times, and even went as far as remaking it in Forza4 to see how it works while rolling. I’ve said it a bunch of times, it’s not just about parts and pieces, it’s about how everything comes together as a whole. Execution is key.

Alright,  so to wrap this up, you don’t have to stop asking me questions, but don’t expect the answer you want when it comes to tire stencils and shit. There are definitely going to be people willing to give you the help you want, but I refuse to be the one help exploit my favorite style.

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