Secret’s Out!

Last fall I got the opportunity to join a group buy for extreme dimensions when my buddy NACHTMENSCH told me about it because he needed a new front lip. The price was too good not to jump on it. So I got this CWest knockoff bumper, and it fit really shitty. But that’s okay, because I’m still really happy with the end result. I also got a canard set up that I’ve been dreaming about for about the last four years. I bought them from a friend from the West Coast. These DMax pieces just happened to already be trimmed to fit Cwest bumpers for civics. (They came off his Cwest bumper on his civic haha) This year’s set up is super not kanjo since I’m going with big aero, but I’ve been wanting to do something along these lines for a long time.

I’ve been itching to show this to the entire internet all day! But I don’t want it to be wide spread until at least a decent group of locals see it in person first so it’s a surprise to them instead of just showing it to the world on Instagram, and having everyone see it there first. So instead, I figure I’ll just post them here, the site doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as my ig does, and if I don’t post up on facebook that I made this post, only you special folks that actually check up on here will get the first public look. If any of you follow me on ig, you know that I made this bumper fit, prepped it and painted it all in my garage. For it being a hacked up rattle can job, I’m super fucking proud of it haha.

IMG_0697 IMG_0699 IMG_0704 IMG_0707 IMG_0708

If you happen to see this post though, do me a solid and please don’t share these pictures anywhere.

Check That Off The List

Got aligned today.


Now that the wheels are more upright, they don’t look so sunk haha. But more importantly, the car feels a lot more stable at highway speeds and turning. I decided for a more street friendly alignment spec this season in an effort  to lengthen the life of the AD08′s so they will last me for at least until mid next season. In more good news, the repaired wheel is holding air fine, and isn’t giving me any problems. Last true priorities are brakes, and then paint.

Just a Quickie

Had a little time between study sessions today to get lunch and do a little work on the car. I installed the new rear bumper and let it sit on the car because it was hot out to make sure it got real warm. The paint was probably as cured as it was going to get, but it wouldn’t hurt anything. Going to paint the front one soon, and then wetsand and polish the rear too.


I’m definitely not mad about how this turned out, the color matches pretty well, and the bumper fit with relatively no problems. (It’s oem duuuuuh haha) Anyway, I’ve got some things planned soon. Going to be putting the wheels back on this weekend, and have an alignment scheduled on Monday. Then I’ve got to figure out where I’m doing brakes. After brakes and the front bumper is done, I’m officially ready for the 2014 car season! Let’s have fun!!


So last week Monday, as you’ve probably seen, I took a chunk out of one of my SSR’s. I thought all was lost, but then I was told that it could be repaired by a super hero that goes by the name of Vinny. Vinny is the owner of Destruction Warehouse up in Wisconsin, I met Vinny like four or so years ago back at a nother shop’s open house, but I’ve never been to his shop. I’ve got to say, the shop is a super rad spot.

It’s filled with lots of character, when you first get in, you’d swear you’re in a hot rod shop. But look to the left and you see these rad couches.

And he’s got all this cool stuff in there.




It was pretty cool to see a shop have that kind of feel, but then see a bunch of cool Japanese sorta things going on. I would have taken more pics inside the shop space, but I didn’t out of respect out of his customers. (and I just didn’t ask haha, he was busy fixing my wheel lol).

NOW on to the main event: I’m not going to say much here till the end, just post up pics and then say my shit at the end.
2014-04-07-15-06-08_photo 2014-04-07-15-06-45_photo 2014-04-07-15-07-20_photo 2014-04-07-15-19-39_photo 2014-04-07-15-19-58_photo 2014-04-07-15-22-23_photo 2014-04-07-15-26-11_photo 2014-04-07-15-26-19_photo 2014-04-07-15-34-36_photo 2014-04-07-15-35-09_photo 2014-04-07-15-41-25_photo 2014-04-07-16-03-52_photo 2014-04-07-16-23-45_photo 2014-04-07-17-00-46_photo 2014-04-07-17-01-03_photo 2014-04-07-17-04-33_photo 2014-04-07-17-04-39_photo 2014-04-07-17-04-59_photo 2014-04-07-17-05-11_photo 2014-04-07-17-20-21_photo 2014-04-07-17-20-28_photo 2014-04-07-17-20-35_photo 2014-04-07-17-33-09_photo

Vinny was nice enough to let me watch him work. I had an idea of what he needed to do, but to actually watch it happen and see him in action was super fucking rad. He essentially rebuilt that part of the wheel bit by bit and added an excess of material before grinding it all down and reshaping it to the original shape. He did this all by hand, and it came out phenomenally.  AND he did this all in an afternoon. I can’t thank him enough, he quite literally saved my season this year. Now I just need to refinish the wheel, get the advan remounted, get aligned and cover it in brakedust…. Then I’m all good.


I’ve opened a store just to make the ordering process a little easier. I’ve put a direct link to it right in the sidebar of the site, but I’ll put one in this post too! I can’t offer the 2 for 5 deal anymore because Big Cartel doesn’t allow for making deals on their free account. But maybe in the future if sales work out, I can start doing it again. But if you catch me in person and pay in cash, the deal still stands of course!

Go check it out!



I was all bummed yesterday, my wheel broke, and I started seeing a lot of friends from high school doing creative things, so I decided that instead of bumming, why not also do something creative? I was too lazy to dig up my paints, so I hit Illustrator and started doodling. I came up with some stuff that I am really starting to like.  Here are a couple new possible sticker/possible logo designs. Similar to the current logo, but I feel it’s a more classic look that’s got a bit more elegance to it. But who knows, these might not go anywhere.


What I’m really more excited about is this

A lot of friends named their cars lately, why not join in? Lol, I tried doing this long ago, but I wasn’t proactive about making it stick. But I figure, why not do it now?  I like this name because of it’s significance in American history, specifically in the 50′s. I know it’s kind of like cheering for the bad guys, but post WWII America and the espionage during the era has always interested me. So from now on, I will refer to my car as the Red Menace. At least until I forget about this bahaha.


Horrendously angry right now. I’m the worst person in the world, I was getting the car ready for an alignment tomorrow, so I put the SSR’s back on with the AD08′s. I took the car for a spin around the neighborhood and wasn’t really paying attention and ended up hopping a curb. I killed one of the SSRs…….. Luckily Vinny from DW is willing to repair it, and I’ll be taking it up to him in the next week or two. I just hope this doesn’t kill Gridlife plans…..