Something I’ve Noticed

Every time I go to Mitsuwa I stop for a bit and take a look at the car magazines. Every now and then, either someone else is there, or someone else comes to do the same. Very rarely do I ever see younger folks do this anymore. (As in younger than me) It’s always either older guys, or people I know. I feel like this might be contributing to the lack of guidance in this next wave of car kids that only care about wheel and tire sizes, and if someone took a picture of their car in a parking lot. Kids coming up with the bigger shittier side of the internet to show them what’s “cool” with cars. Same kids spewing shit out like “jdm” and “jstyle” or shit like that when they obviously have no clue. Save the children.


Rad rolling shot from the East Coast fam from SNTRL. Thanks Pravan!

It just dawned on me that I really need to post up about GridLife on here. I’ll get on that soon!


Posted a picture of my wheels the other day because I was surprised how fast the HP+’s dusted them up. Some folks tagged their homies in the comments, so I check out who these guys are and why they’ve been tagged to see my picture. They also have ADVAN stenciled on their tires. BUT, they’re running non Advan Tires, nor are they running Yokohama wheels at all. Guys, don’t fake that shit, that’s like numero uno poser shit. If you’re going to stencil shit, do the brand of your tire, or like rep your crew or some shit, but don’t fucking misbrand shit. More fucking ranting on shit that I’ve ranted about many times before.


I always love hearing the ideology of people that inspire me. Even if I don’t necessarily agree with some of their ideas, I still like hearing what they have to say. Whether it be in person, via an interview/article on the internet/on print, or on a video, I like to know what’s going through their heads.

This specific video is one of my favorite ones that come to mind when I think about the documentation of the ideology of someone who inspires me. Nakai really just gets it, he understands and seems to be really accepting that everyone has different tastes. There really aren’t that many people in our community that truly get behind that. Hell, I don’t totally agree when he says there’s no such thing as ugly, personally, I believe that butting heads is good for enthusiasts, keeps people motivated. But I do believe motivation should come with guidance, and that’s why I love seeing ideology stuff. It’s a loop haha.